Pursuing your Dream


Someone once said (and whoever it was, we would have been great friends): “Showing others your writing is like handing your enemy a knife and asking them not to kill you.” All I can say is,


From conceptualization to completion, writing your story, you know the one – the one that has been pulsing like lightning through your heart and flashing in a blaze of technicolor around and around again in your head – does not always seem the wise, most practical choice, because, let’s face it, in the beginning, there’s life.

With life comes responsibilities and relationships, practicalities and time frames, employers, children and the necessary tasks that must be done from day-to-day.

Of course, then there’s the critics. Let us pause and pay homage to those who don’t encourage us. On second thought, let’s not.

Not everyone will like you. So what? As long as you like you. And as long as those that matter hold your heart. What does everyone know, anyway?

It is a choice to do what calls you, and a spectacular choice at that.

It is a choice to put aside distraction; to be brave and let the words run out of your fingers, across the keyboard and onto the page. To get some of that mysterious substance that Bryce Courtney called “Bum Glue” and completely smother your writing chair with it.

OR perhaps the base of a majestic, sun-drenched tree.


( I know which I’d rather)

To do that which others might not have chosen, or even understand. To practice your craft, improve upon it, edit it and then edit again; it is a choice to labor over it and dream over it and pray your guts out over it. To choose to be vulnerable and show someone the cards you hold. To submit it rather than keep it to yourself, and probably submit it again.

It’s not easy to get out of our comfort zone and into the place where the ‘magic’ happens…the place where never giving up is a great skill to have.

Still, I reckon I’d much rather that than a life of not choosing at all.








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