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Front cover Light Rising‘Light Rising’ is the first book to be released in a series I’m currently working on, and one that I’m really excited to share with you.  It has been a long time in the making, was written between the births of two of my children, and I almost can’t believe it’s actually here!

So, I thought I’d also share some information about why I wrote it, who it’s for and where it will be available. Read on to discover more…

WHY I wrote it: I wrote the book because I was inspired by my students. Many of whom were avid readers.

… and I wanted to write something for them, and others, that sat alongside other works of fiction and had woven within it’s pages, the eternal thread that could only be derived from the greatest story of them all. Thus, a concept was born, and my own offering created. An offering that hopes to reflect God’s redemptive love for each of us in a creative way.

I also had students who were avid writers; children who delved into their own young imaginations with great enthusiasm to come up with some amazingly inspired tales, a few of which I had ‘published’ in the school printing room. These young, fresh-faced individuals who I loved dearly reminded me of my own eagerness to become an author from a very young age, and subsequently instilled in me the drive to encourage these students to go ahead and pursue their dream. Because, I believe that dreams are not given to torture us but to be chased down until they are brought to reality.

WHO is it for? Anyone. Readers from the age of twelve to one hundred and twelve, or younger if they are advanced readers. (Though, parents – if your child is younger, have a skim through first to make sure it’s appropriate – some mildly ‘scary’ scenes could pose a problem for sleep if your little one has a sensitive soul partnered with a vivid imagination!)

WHAT is it about? Light Rising is a story set in another world. I wanted to create a place that had never been written about before, and so this new ‘world’ was born. There are no fairy tale creatures here, only brand new ‘beings’ that are totally unique to this specific story. Within the pages of the book you will find beauty, light, darkness, struggle and over-coming. There are warriors, both male and female, because, to put it simply, I’m not a huge fan of gender stereotyping, and neither, I believe, is this next generation. It is in essence, an adventure story with a gripping back story – the story of redemption through Jesus.

WHERE can I buy it? The book was released in store and online across the United States on January 6th, 2015, and will be out in Australia (and available from this site) in February 2015. You will be able to find it easily on,,, and itunes.

I wrote this book for my children, for my students and others like them, that they might enjoy it, but also hoping that as they read through the pages, they will be marked with a lasting imprint of how loved, valuable and treasured they are, and that there is no obstacle too difficult to overcome when you have God alongside you on the journey.

Too many times, God is seen as a far-off, irrelevant and sometimes scary figure in our lives, when really, He is closer, greatly personal, and more about your good than anyone.

At the end of the day, you can take it for its entertainment value, or for the underlying message. Whatever be the case, I hope you enjoy x

Front cover Light RisingClick to grab a glimpse of “Light Rising” (the blurb, reviews, where to purchase your own copy).

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