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The Day that Changed Everything

Today, I am sharing something very personal. Something that, when we talk about faith for stuff, this is the greatest stretch of my faith in my life so far. Forget financial stability, becoming a successful author or even enjoying a happy marriage. THIS is the greatest challenge I have faced.

I will never, NEVER forget the day that we discovered that our beautiful, angel-faced baby girl had multiple severe food allergies.


Bethany Sophia Grace – the very coolest of surprise gifts from above. The little girl my husband James had always waited for and the second daughter that I never thought I’d have. read more

I Love my Blender

blender_f1qR3UYuI live in a blender. It’s completely true. My life is a constant mixing together of a plethora of different and contrasting ingredients that smash and collide into one another in a whirl of colorful expressions… and I’ve no idea what the resulting flavor will be. Oh, I have designs for the flavor, I even have the perfect recipe in my mind, but there are so many variables that are beyond my control that I don’t actually have as much to do with the end result as I’d like. read more