1H9A2508 copyB&W She sits back and presses in to her father’s familiar warmth. She knows what’s coming; she’s been here before. And there I stand beside her, offering words of comfort underneath my conjured smile;  words that I know she will trust completely despite how helpless I actually feel. It’s as though my words are not even words but empty space in time, designed to pass the seconds and distract her from what waits in the minutes ahead.

She braces, and then winces with the pain. It’s not excruciating, but enough to feel unnatural about leaving her arm out in a way that invites more. Her father holds her tighter, as I anxiously apply more words to ease her mind, trying looking past the moment and simultaneously praying for a miracle. She wants to pull away, I know it, but holds still… because she’s in her daddy’s arms.

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What Do You Dream About?

dreamingWhat do you dream about? What do you aspire to? What elements of life stand out to you, like swirls of brilliant colour, when everything else in comparison seems like a boring backdrop of pastels and greys?

When I was a little girl, I used to tell myself stories. Apparently, I had a vivid imagination… and I would get lost in it daily.  Often I’d disappear for long periods of time, and after a while my mother would go searching for me in every corner of our house. When she’d find me, it was always in a quiet place… a place where my imagination could run wild.

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Don’t. Give. Up.

realize your dreamThere are going to be times when you’ll feel like giving up. Don’t. Times when doubt and the fear of failure come knocking at your door. Just don’t answer it. Times when, for whatever reason, the faith you had in yourself slowly slides into the abyss as though never to re-emerge; the temptation of staying cozy and warm, keeping your hope hidden in the darkness, overwhelmingly strong. But see, that’s the whole thing.

If you give up, you’ll never know… and what you’ll never know is, just how close you came.

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