Light Rising: An excerpt

Being two weeks away from the release of my new novel, “Light Rising; the Swords of Truth”, I thought I’d share a little excerpt from one of the scenes in the book. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it.


“Shhh!” Rivven commanded, raising his hand to  instruct them both to silence. The creature had started moving up the roadway toward the village, prowling slowly and appearing to try to sniff out any signs of life. There were none. Suddenly, it stopped halfway up the road. Slowly, the creature’s massive head turned in their direction. Rivven caught a glimpse of glowing yellow eyes and huge fangs. Terror struck him like never  before.

Taking one look at the creature’s gruesome face, Zane gasped in knowing horror. He had heard of this beast, at least, his father had described something similar to him in a story as a young boy. He felt certain it could only be that one thing. He wished he didn’t know.

Rivven looked across to his friend and saw the shocked expression on his face. “What…what is that, exactly? You know, don’t you?” he asked.

Zane nodded. “Uh. . . Something we don’t  want finding us here. We must move. Now!” he replied in urgency.

Remembering something he had seen earlier, Rivven looked around the room.

“There’s a hatch in the floor over there,” he pointed. “Think we can make it without him seeing us?”

“We don’t have a choice; he’ll be here within minutes. I think  he can smell us,” Zane said  urgently.

“Why . . . why don’t we just leave as fast as we can?” Calista asked, panicked.

“There’s no time,” Rivven explained.

“Calista,” Zane whispered, “see the hatch in the floor?” Calista nodded to where he was pointing. “Get down there, as fast as you can.”

“What are you going to do?” Calista asked  fretfully.

Zane looked around for a diversion. He spied the clay pot he’d left on the floor. “Put him off, somehow. I don’t know if it will work. Perhaps a different smell will deflect our scent, or at least distract him so that we can get away…or  something.”

excerpt: Light Rising, The Swords of Truth




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