“Light Rising” is an allegorical Christian tale in the tradition of CS Lewis reminding the reader of God’s unfailing love for humanity through the redemptive power of His Son, Jesus Christ. Elizabeth, however, has written a narrative in con- temporary language appropriate for today’s youth. The battle between good and evil is told in all its blood curdling, destructive force: the hand to hand combat between the young Natori and grotesque gilords and commanders of Azelus are told in an exciting, detailed, no holds barred grittiness. That minefield of finding out who you are in a confusing world is described to be reminiscent for both adolescent and post- adolescent alike. While the arrival of the mysterious Adriyel peaks curiosity. Add a little subtle awakening of romance between two of the protagonists and what more could you want in an adventure story!

Elizabeth has covered all the reasons why this book should be living in the imaginations of its readers and not languishing on a library bookshelf. It’s recommended for those who love fantasy in Years 9 and over.

Mrs. Lorraine Saxon, St Philips Christian College

Princess Palmer Says….

Elizabeth will be one of our guest authors at this year’s Festival of Words in May!

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