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I was born in the beach side town of Newcastle, Australia, moved to Sydney at nine and wrote constantly from the minute I learned how. In High school I became completely absorbed by the magic of literature; reading and writing almost incessantly, while keeping my secret dream of becoming an author quietly to myself. After school I studied various degrees until I settled into one that I became passionate about, which happily coincided with my father’s advice to be sensible… and so I graduated university with a degree in education and started teaching.

It was after my second child was born over five years ago and I became a stay-at-home mum that I decided to grab hold of the opportunity, make use of the quiet hours after bedtime plus any spare moments in between… and just write. It may have taken a while, but eventually I got to the place where today I’m a full-time mum and author, and I love what I do.

I’m married to my favourite person in the world, who I decided was a keeper sometime around the year we went riding on the back of his Harley all over Sydney (where we now live). Together we get to raise three kids who are the greatest adventure of our lives, even when it’s sometimes on the roughest road. And when I’m not writing I can usually be found buried in children or laundry (or both), or otherwise curled up on the couch with some dark chocolate, sweet tea and a good book or movie, trying desperately to ignore the scattered toys all over my lounge room floor.

My first book in the Light Rising‘ series was released early in 2015 in all good bookstores across the US and Canada, (as well as online) and is now available everywhere. If you like to read fantasy adventure and are between the ages of twelve and one hundred and twelve, then this series is for you.

Whether teaching or writing, I’m still driven to engage young minds in a way that sparks the imagination, inspires, and if possible, speaks to their hearts, which is why I also run writing workshops for school students; one of the most fun things that I get to do with my life. I’m passionate about encouraging others that whatever is on their hearts and minds to do with their lives, that they should go for it with everything they’ve got. That even though life can be hectic and exhausting, we only get one, and in it, doing what fuels our souls along with everything else we do is so important.

I’m hopeful that this site won’t just be about writing, publishing or books, but about life, and about offering some real encouragement and truth along this sometimes difficult but mostly divine pathway to chasing down those dreams we each have.  Because, let’s face it, it’s a full-on balancing act, this pursuing dreams in the spaces between the demands of the everyday.  But it’s totally worth it.






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  1. James says:

    The greatest privilege of my life to date is to call Elizabeth my wife. I am blown away by her creative soul that can turn even a grocery list in to a work of art. I have read her blog, I have read and re-read her books and every time I’m inspired to help make her dreams come true and to dream bigger myself.

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