I Love my Blender

blender_f1qR3UYuI live in a blender. It’s completely true. My life is a constant mixing together of a plethora of different and contrasting ingredients that smash and collide into one another in a whirl of colorful expressions… and I’ve no idea what the resulting flavor will be. Oh, I have designs for the flavor, I even have the perfect recipe in my mind, but there are so many variables that are beyond my control that I don’t actually have as much to do with the end result as I’d like.

Did I mention that I’m a recovering control freak? 

Perhaps I didn’t. That would be the denial talking. Hi, I’m Elizabeth and I’m a recovering control freak. Wow, it feels so much better when I say it than when others do!

So anyway in my blender, there is the husband (there is always the husband) the pre-teenage girl who is vibrant and beautiful one minute and a person with an opinion the next (how dare that happen?), the energetic 3 year old with the multiple severe food allergies that needs constant dietary consideration and watchfulness, yet has the guts to bungy jump off any inanimate object more than 2metres high (Phew!). Of course, then there is the deliciously handsome 9 month old who has decidedly removed any possibility of ever sleeping again from my hopes and dreams agenda. But that’s ok, he’s ‘absolutely adorable’… except between the hours of approximately 1am and 3am when I start formulating plans to palm him off to his heavily snoring father – yet another reason for the ‘don’t hope for any sleep’ plan. (You know, I find the amount of times I think/talk/dream/plan of sleep nowadays staggering and, freakishly, probably equal to the actual amount of sleep I used to get in my spoiled state as a university student in my early 20’s. Seriously, I could’ve done SO much more with that time. No, actually, sleep was a good plan…aaand there I go again.)

Where was I? Oh yeah, in my blender there is also a combination of experiences, hopes, dreams, fears, books, cups of tea, glasses of wine, finished and unfinished novels, laughs, tears, plans, co-parenting, step parenting, All Blacks vs Wallabies (It’s an Aussie/New Zealander thing), best friends, soul mates, family, not enough, more than enough… you get the picture.

I love my blender. So much that I have a love/hate, agony inducing relationship with it.

And my curious mind leads me to wonder, what’s in your blender? And what is the main component or ingredient that holds all of it together? What flavour would you most want to spill out and trickle down the outside of your life? And how would that satisfy the thirst in others?

As a self-confessed idealist, I’d like to think that the greatest flavor that comes out of my blender is love, mixed with laughter, value and integrity. But mostly love. And I know that for love to outlast all other flavours I will have to put more of it IN than any. other. thing.

I have found that love is the one magical ingredient that holds the contents of my blender together whenever they’re in danger of burning out, or exploding all over the place, or just not doing what I think they should be doing! (I did say I was still recovering from controlling the world, didn’t I?)

Let’s face it, an outpouring of love is far better than the clean up resulting from an explosion.  

So what does that look like? I think love looks like patience, kindness, gentleness, truth, forgiveness, humility, honor, unselfishness, trust, hope, perseverance, a good set of ears and a generous spirit. That’s what love looks like to me. Even more than that, love looks a lot like laying your life down for others.

Kinda like, well, no, exactly like, what Jesus did on the cross. Pure love poured out. Nope, it wasn’t just blood that spilled everywhere folks. It was LOVE. I don’t mean to get all ‘preachy’ and all but I know this to be true. Love flowed from his veins and sprinkled all over our tiny existences. It’s what Easter is supposed to be about.

Am I capable of that kind of love? Can I add that ingredient as much as I would like to? I would love to say yes, all the time (!) but it’s highly doubtful, because I’m human, and that makes me selfish and moody, sometimes impatient and sometimes unforgiving. I make a lot of mistake. But I can receive that kind of love if I’m brave enough to accept it – albeit definitely not worthy of it. To accept that kind of love is to taste a flavor that will outlast all others. Crazy, outlandish, indescribable love.

And so, a very Happy Easter to you all! May your day be filled to overflowing with way too much chocolate.


  1. kathryn says:

    amazing what challenges one person has to cope with-! however you have tapped into the greatest source of energy and love. Hope you get some sleep soon!

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